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I'm a dude living in an absurd world, just like all of you. I'm convinced that there is no good reason to keep life as absurd as we've collectively made it, yet still, we persist.


There are a few topics about which I'm mildly informed. There are far more topics where I rate closer to woefully misinformed or absolutely uninformed. I often make bad choices just to see what it's like to make that particular bad choice and then feel sorry for myself when I endure the should have been obvious consequences. 

In case it's possible to hold off mobs and easily aggrieved people with disclaimers: I wholeheartedly declare that nothing I publish intentionally represents anyone else or their thoughts or opinions, myself included.

I'm also open to learning, so let me know what I'm wrong about. I love hearing from non-psychotic people! Just correspond knowing that despite yearly pledges to be better, decades of evidence says that I suck at responding to nearly everything. Assume best intentions and expect bad results; Life, especially with me, goes down easier that way.  

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About Me

I'm a dude living in an absurd world, just like all of you. 

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